About Snelcore

Snelcore BV, Arnhem (NL) is the manufacturer ( since 1985 ) of PET-Sheet on rolls for the thermoforming of various packages, and has built up a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of APET Sheet.

With continued investments in quality and development and our modern machinery, we are among the most technologically companies in the business.

Our up-to-date equipment and our Know-How enable us to satisfy the specific requirements of the packaging industry. Being part of 4PET Holding, we benefit from the knowledge, synergies and advantages within the group and in close cooperation with our customers, we design / determine the optimum blend for an optimal finished product.

Apart from the so-called rPET, we also supply an A/B/A Sheet and Sheet for non-food applications. Moreover we do have a number of special qualities in our program, e g HIGH-CO ( for seal applications ) and Blend, a mixture of rPET and PE. 

The company’s registered office is located in Arnhem. Our annual volume is approx 18.000 tons, of which approx 90% is for export.

Our Customer Services team, would be delighted to hear from you, for any enquiries you may have about Snelcore and our product range.
Please call on + 31 26 7502340 or e-mail us : cs@4petextrusions.com