rPET is a proven material in the food packaging industry and is fast becoming the new standard in a whole new generation of responsible packaging, helping businesses to meet their CSR objectives.

What is rPET

rPET is simply recycled PET material, sourced from post-consumer waste (PCW) drinks bottles. Currently made from a minimum of 50% PCW.

Post Consumer Waste, that  is used  PET bottles and other containers from collection – and bottle deposit programs. The collected material is put through a rigorous  and stringent sorting – , flaking – ,  and washing process.

Snelcore purchase the washed flake and then extrude into food approved sheet for the thermoforming industry.

Using rPET means a significant reduction of the carbon footprint and a reduction in waste going to landfill, and offers a cost effective alternative to the traditional plastic packaging.    

rPET qualities

  • high quality, stable, excellent finished product
  • growing supply of raw material and known technology
  • recyclable & sustainable material – competitively priced

Positive story

  • rPET is a sustainable proven material that works
  • rPET is recognised by leading foodservice, retail & FMCG brands
  • building consumer and customer rPET recognition
  • all foodservice packaging is now rPET*
  • rPET is the most environmentally responsible packaging material on the market

*forks and microwave range are not available in rPET

And recycle

  • back into the recycling infrustrature ready for reprocessing for manufacture