B 030: Monolayer  rPET  up to 100% P.C.W. 

B 040: Monolayer  HI Clarity  out of ( mainly ) Post industrial  and P.C.W

B050: Monolayer Improved Clarity out of max 60%  P.C.W.

B120: Co-Ex Material, ABA.  Good transparency.   

B520: HICO,   Co-Ex Material.  HICO  Layer to provide an outstanding seal ability. 

B082: rPET BLEND,  a monolayer film  including APET / PE flakes.

Additional information

Anti blocking by means of surface-coating ( silicone ) or Masterbatch.

Snelcore PET is available in CLEAR and colors  ( White, Black and Brown are standard colors ). 

Also available as Anti Static  ( surface coating )  and Anti – Fog. 

Gauges from  0,18 up to 1.00 mm.  Gauges from 1 mm upon request. 

Our materials are fully recyclable.

All our materials meet EU requirements for direct food contact. 


All info is given  based on general experience and to the best of our knowledge.  However, we can – and will not accept any liability for factors / circumstances beyond our control.